"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Special Activities 


We offer photography sessions twice a year for your children, during the seasons of Spring and Christmas, these activities are carried out so that you can share the photographs of your children with family and friends. we have an early curriculum for two year olds and free potty training. At the end of our programs, children graduate from Pre Kindergarten. Our main goal is that children can recognize the letters, shapes and write their name, in this way, when they start school, they are well prepared and trained.

Once a year Kidz School Daycare offers a mobile hearing, vision and dental at very low costs in order to meet our children and giving compliance to the minimum standards of the Texas law for children 4 years of age in ahead. HEALTH: We have an excellent nutritional program for your children, which is endorsed by the Texas Department of Agriculture (ADA). We accept NCI. We offer Summer Camp. We offer transportation service so that your children arrive safely and confidently. our cargivers collaborate with their children, guiding them in their school tasks.



Baby sign language is a system of gestures to assist in communicating basic needs, such as hunger and tiredness and many more useful and common words. Children´s proficiency in using their hands comes well before using their vocal cords; therefore, our class is designed to teach basic sign language to children as young as 7 months old. Our program creates a fun and interactive lesson through play and music. The lessons incorporate singing, theater puppets, story books and constant repetition to assist in language development, memory and hand- eye coordination.



This program incorporates expressing oneself through movement, acting out stories and role-playing. The objectives of our Movement and Music class is to enhance confidence, develop imagination and teach skills of communication and interaction with others. Our developmentally- appropriate songs and movements integrate familiar concepts such as numbers, shapes, colors, animals, opposites, and feelings, among other topics. Your child will have the opportunity to learn in a structured environment while using instruments, puppets, stories and colorful props to make music exciting and fun.

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